Project Team Introduction

We are very excited to begin each new project. Our team consists of expert Branders, Internet Marketers, Technical Specialists, Project Managers, Network Marketers, Affiliate Managers as well as Business Analysts and Forecasting Specialists. A project manager oversees each project and is always available to ensure that you are informed and satisfied on our progress and final product.


Clients come to Sparrow Ventures for our experience and our reputation for focusing on the business side of social media. We understand business, we understand social media, and we understand that our clients want accountability when allocating marketing dollars towards social media programs.

Social media needs to become more accountable if it is going to play a more central role within a company. Companies need to understand where their marketing dollars are going and what the ROI and impact of their marketing efforts are.

We focus on the business of social media to help you understand how your social media efforts impact your business objectives. The value of social media is evident but without understanding and measuring success, there is no way to justify a company’s participation. Sparrow Ventures offers services that help our clients understand, reach, and connect with customers. We will work with you to set up measurable and accountable social media programs that impact the bottom line.

Strategy Consulting and Planning

Social media success begins with a well defined strategy, a clear understanding of the business objectives, and defined measurable results. As part of our consulting and planning, we will sit down with you and your team to understand and define your business objectives and what it is you hope to achieve from your social business efforts. We then develop a targeted implementation plan that is backed up by measurable business metrics.

Collaborative Community Creation

In order to improve organizational effectiveness, creating internal collaborative communities for companies is crucial. Internal communities allow employees to share knowledge and information with each other in a way that has not been traditionally possible. By optimizing internal communications, companies will:

  • Create a sense of community internally
  • Improve productivity by streamlining communication
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing
  • Decrease the amount of time spent on trivial tasks
  • Leverage your internal communications more efficiently and fluidly
  • We can help your company develop an internal community strategy, select the proper software and hardware solutions, launch the products, and manage it along the way.

Reputation Monitoring and Management

We monitor, manage and plan to ensure brand risks are reduced and opportunities for customer engagement are maximized. Our strategy is simple: benchmark, listen, respond, engage, measure, adapt, listen, respond, engage, measure, adapt…get it?

Accountability Consulting

Understanding the success of any initiative is crucial. Our goal is to help clients understand the ROI and Impact from their efforts. Our work is supported by a measurement framework in which we analyze the data, appraise the results, adjust our efforts and apply the learnings to our client’s programs.


We care about your bottom line. We measure our results by how much revenue our products generate for you. We have developed a suite of proprietary analytic tools which allow both you as well as our team to monitor a multitude of data points so we may make real-time fine tuning adjustments.

Consultation and Project Management:

  • Strategic marketing sessions
  • Buyer behavior psychology consulting
  • Consulting with executive team on product opportunities
  • Market analysis and research
  • Discovery of Current Systems
  • Analysis of Systems Architecture


Sparrow Ventures, INC. has developed a system of collaboration that enables us to start immediately. Each Phase of the project will take a different amount of time and is dependent on both the client and Technical Team. Sparrow Ventures will act in a timely manner and will do its best to avoid any excessive delays. The typical initial consulting period is expected to take 30-60 days.

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